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When an improviser completely surprises his scene partner by delivering a line completely out of nowhere, and yet perfect for the scene.

In the following example (from a Primal Bias show) Will Hines, the police chief, is reprimanding one his officers, played by Kevin Cragg who keeps letting people go from prison.

   Chief: "I don't care what your reasons are, you have to stop letting everyone go free."
   Officer: (winces in  shame) "you're free to go" (Cragged!)
   Chief: (stands up to leave - realizes what just happened and glares at Cragg) "I'm not in jail"
   Officer: (winces again)

To Be Cragged was coined by Kevin Hines and inspired by Kevin Cragg's style of play in improv. After a scene in which Kevin Cragg cragged Will Hines for the first time Kevin Hines leaned over to Will and whispered "You just got cragged"

Kevin Cragg cragged numerous members of Primal Bias, but the term became more popular when Kevin Hines and others would cheer "Cragg!" or "Cragged!" during the New Team Skirmish part of The Project. Kevin Hines was often drunk while doing this.