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Coworkers is a Harold Team at The Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in New York City. They perform at the UCB Chelsea Theatre. Their first show was on April 14th, 2015. They were coached for their first 7 months by Alex Dickson.

Their starter name was MOON RAVENS


See Also: Harold Night Rosters (New York).

Sarah Burton, Molly Gaebe, Luke Field, Caroline Martin, Paul Laudiero, Zack Phillips, Curtis Retherford, Ray Cordova

Original Lineup: Sarah Burton, Molly Gaebe, Dan Hodapp, Caroline Martin, Patrick Noth, Zack Phillips, Curtis Retherford, Ray Cordova (John Purcell was on the original line up but stepped down before their first show to be replaced by Ray Cordova.)


Coworkers were very nearly named "Donald Fuck." They sat on the name for an hour before abandoning it. They were also nearly named "The Dave Matthews Improv Group."

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