Couples' Retreat

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Couples' Retreat is a duo improv show hosted by RuBin.


Seeing the lack of duo improv shows in NYC, RuBin decided a put together a monthly duo improv show, one where they would invite duos, both new & veteran, to perform with them. The name Couples' Retreat was meant to be a starter title until they came up with something better but they never did & simply stuck with it. The show debuted on March 29, 2010 at the Creek & the Cave. They can be seen currently at the Peoples' Improv Theater.

List of Duos That Performed

|April 26, 2010|May 24, 2010
Shows at the Creek & the Cave
March 29, 2010 Starband (Alan Starzinski & Dave Bluvband) Bryan*Linsky (Emily Bryan & Leanne Linsky) FUCKED (Bob Grady & Austin Kuras) Sixes (Alan Fessenden & Maddy Mako)
Accelerate (John Adam & Sunita Deshpande) Doppelganger (Sasheer Zamata & Keisha Zoller) The Dostoevskys (Ilya Khodosh & Boris Zilberman) Spaghetti & Meatball (Lee Solomon & Mary Hynes)
The Kim & Amey Show (Kim Ferguson & Amey Goerlich) Scout & Handsome Rob (Marcy Jarreau & Rob Penty) YAWN (Yang MIller & Shawn Wickens) Justin & Kelly (Kelly Buttermore & Justin Peters) Plate Smashing Gary (Angela Dee & Shannon Taing)