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Conflikt of Interest (sometimes shortened to "Conflikt," "C of I," or "Sea of Eye") was a long form improv group that existed in New York City from June 2006 - March 2007.

History and Cast

The three core members of Conflikt of Interest were Adam Bright, David Neiman, and Bjorn Thorstad, who met through The PIT and began performing together in jams such as Improdome.

Following their decision to expand the team and begin performing full-length long form shows, Conflikt went through a number of lineup changes before settling into the cast as it would be known throughout the bulk of its existence: J Hobart B, Adam Bright, Ruby Marez, David Neiman, Michael Short, Bjorn Thorstad, and Kimberly Weeks.


The primary director of Conflikt of Interest was Scott Eckert. Other coaches who worked with them include Matt Donnelly, Chris Grace, Nate Starkey, Sarah Nowak and Kurt Braunohler.


Conflikt of Interest primarily performed a modified version of the Harold commonly referred to as the "Speed Harold." Their particular approach typically ended with a group scene which would feature characters from all major threads of the Harold.

For their run of weekly shows at The PIT in February 2007, the group performed a form of their own invention called the Groundhog. Developed with the help of Chris Grace and Kurt Braunohler and loosely based on the film Groundhog Day, the form mimics a Harold but replaces second beats with scenes which strive to recreate the first three beats exactly. When variations naturally arise, the differences are exploited, resulting in three new, "alternate reality" versions of the same "day."


Conflikt of Interest disbanded in March 2007, following the departure of J Hobart B and Kimberly Weeks, who had recently been cast on The PIT's house ensembles SidViscous! and The Baldwins and thus found themselves struggling to make time for both commitments. Michael Short left the group the same week, and the remaining members opted not to continue under the C of I moniker.