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Team History

Commando was formed in April 2007 as a house team at the Magnet Theater. They performed as part of Megawatt, a showcase of the Magnet's resident ensembles, until their official retirement in August 2008. Commando's original lineup featured Jesse Acini, Patrick Daly, Elizabeth Findlay, Jamie Marrs, Leanne Linsky, Ryan Stratton, Lauren Olson and Jed Teres. In time Teres, Stratton and Daly departed to pursue stand-up, LA and producing award winning Broadway shows respectively. In Fall 2007 Linsky was re-cast on newer Magnet team Yum Yum Bangkok. At that time Dave Etkin, Taylor White and Chris Harwood were added to the cast. In early 2008 Nick Zimmerman completed Commando's cast.

Past coaches include Christina Gausas, James Eason, Alex Marino, Christian Cappozoli and Rachael Hamilton.


Original Cast

Jesse Acini

Patrick Daly

Elizabeth Findlay

Jamie Marrs

Leanne Linsky

Ryan Stratton

Lauren Olson

Jed Teres


Dave Etkin

Taylor White

Chris Harwood

Nick Zimmerman