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ComedySportz New York (sometimes abbreviated CSzNY) is a shortform improv company founded in 2004. It is the New York City team of the worldwide company ComedySportz, and currently performs weekly home shows at This Theater.


Until 2014, CSzNY had performed its weekly shows at the Broadway Comedy Club. The company moved to This Theater in June of that year.


CSzNY currently offers five levels of training in shortform improvisation. These include Improv 101: Introduction to Improv, Improv 202: Scene Work, Improv 303: Games, Improv 404: Styles and Genres, and Improv 505: Advanced Short-Form Performance. Classes are held at Simple Studios. A New York High School League is currently in development.

Main Company

The Main Company performs every Saturday at 6 P.M. at This Theater.


A.J. Cote, Alicia Barnatchez, Amelia Fowler, Andrew Cornelius, Anna Abhau Elliott, Clay Drinko, Dan Fleming, Don Jameson, Dreagn Foltz, Drew Tarvin, Erin Leigh Schmoyer, Glenn Packman, James Rana, Jill Shely, Lee Alan Barrett, Lynn Marie Hulsman, Michael Jeffrey Cohen, Michelle Francesca Thomas, Mike Gregorek, Samuel Cohen, Stephen Pelletier, Tamara Nolte, Tammy Munro.

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