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The College Improv Tournament (often abbreviated CIT) is an annual, competitive, and nation-wide festival of collegiate improvisation curated by Chicago Improv Productions. It began in 2007.


CIT begins with regional competitions, wherein college improv teams compete against their local counterparts. The winner of this preliminary leg of the tournament is determined by judges - professional improvisers from the hosting local theater - and the winner is then invited to the finals in Chicago. The eventual winner of this final round is invited to perform in the Chicago Improv Festival.

Any brand of improvisation is welcomed. According to the CIT website: "Teams can do all short form games, a long form, a mix of short and long form, narrative, puppets, musical… you name it. As long as it is improvised, we want to see it!"

Past winners

Year Winning Team School
2014 Paperback Rhino University of Iowa
2014 Feral Christine Sarah Lawrence College
2013 Tall, Grande, Venti California Institute of the Arts
2012 Glaundor! University of Houston
2011 Dropping $cience Columbia College, Chicago
2010 Dead Parrots Society Western Washington University
2009 Daddy Mags Northwestern University
2008 Improv Mafia Illinois State University
2007 Old Tom Jar Northwestern University

Regional locations

In 2014, the following regionals were held:

The Chicago Open Regional is open to any and all college improv teams wishing to perform in Chicago, regardless of where their college is geographically. In 2015, CIT will partner with the NYC Student Improv Jam to host a jam for all participating teams prior to the competition.


From the official CIT website:
CIT is a celebration of college improv disguised as a competition. We aim to foster the growth of the art form for college improvisers as players and as teams. We aim to help foster a sense of community among college improvisers both on a regional and national level. We also aim to help get college improvisers seen by professional improv directors and producers.

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