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Code Duello: Hamilton and Burr is an improvised show recreates the infamous duel between former friends and founding fathers Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr.

From the website:

On July 11, 1804, the most infamous duel in American history was fought. The rivals were Alexander Hamilton, former Secretary of Treasury of the United States, and Aaron Burr, Vice President of the United States. The outcome of the duel is well-known: Hamilton was fatally wounded.

It was an affair of honor. However, Burr and Hamilton's animosity ran much deeper than political rivalry. The two men, whose early letters indicate that they were once friendly, were brought to conflict over a simple insult. Historians still debate over the true source of their mutual hatred.

Code Duello: Hamilton & Burr dares to solve the mystery that biographers cannot! Each night, Boston comedians Neil Reynolds & Matt Tucker don the wigs and waistcoats of Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton, improvising the lives of our two angriest founding fathers.

Verily, Code Duello is an epic tale of:





and vicious, vicious Slander!

With the aid of scholarly research and audience suggestions, we recreate history. Come witness the most hilarious post-colonial comedy since Thomas Jefferson's ill-fated production of The Country Wife!

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Tribe Theater


Neil Reynolds

Matt Tucker


David Marino


Del Close Marathon l Chicago Improv Festival l Toronto Improv Festival l Providence Improv Festival

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Philly Improv Theater (PHIT)

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