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The group was formed by Peter Gwinn in 1997, and consisted of Craig Cackowski, Pete, Bob Dassie, Stephnie Weir, Molly Cavanaugh, Lillian Frances, Al Samuels, and Rich Talarico. Noah Gregoropoulos was the director. The form was something he had already been kicking around in his mind. They rehearsed 9 hours a week for 9 months before they opened the show. They ran on Wednesdays at Second City ETC for about 4 months.


There were two main components to the form, the main one which everyone remembers is that is covers scenes that are existing more or less simultaneously in adjacent spaces, i.e. if the show is a hour long, it might only cover 15 minutes of real time, and the first scene in the show will often be one of the last chronologically. The other element was a focus on character-heightening: each scene would build into a scene with 4-6 people on stage, all focused on heightening one person's character and showing different relationships they had. That part of the form was very challenging and a lot of our rehearsal was devoted to perfecting the type of scenework that Noah wanted (it's similar to how you might heighten a character via tagouts or La Ronde, but always in a group scene and remaining in the present in this version), and it's usually not used when people remount the form for that reason.

Other Productions

The Poem

Director Noah Gregoropoulos wrote this poem as a way to highlight and reinforce the principles of the show:

Heighten characters by engaging,

think adjacent space when staging...
environments are rich with sound,
time collapses turning round...
when throwing forward sounds as cues,

a later payoff oft ensues...