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Chris Schell performed on the Harold Team Twelve Thousand Dollars and the indie team Machine Wash Tuxedo, and sketch team Hell City Bus. He earned a cult-favorite status for his unique blend of weirdness with a hilariously straightforward, regular guy demeanor onstage. The following information, from the $12K entry, tells you everything you need to know.

Chris Schell Trivia

Chris Schell once did a scene in practice where he labeled someone, "Rowdy Rowdy Dinosaur"

During a DCM07 workshop, when asked by Matt Besser what a scene was about, Chris Schell responded, "Well... we're on a beast island..."

Chris Schell once whipped a horse for a whole rehearsal scene and the second beat.

In rehearsals, Chris Schell twice made coach Will Hines laugh so hard he cried. Once was recounting a dream to Michael Paoli he had about walking a road lined with Twinkies.

Chris Schell convinced his mother that Dewey Cox (the titular character of the 2007 film Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story) was a real singer in the 60's.

During a scene, Chris Schell referred to an internet dating site named, "She Looks For Him."

Chris Schell's dad is a country singer, who won a contest for a Kentucky Fried Chicken radio contest.

Chris Schell filmed a ridiculous viral promo [1] for the Rory and Craig sketch show at the UCBT.

Chris Schell once threw a surprise birthday party for himself by inviting his friends from his sister's email account. He wore a disguise to the bar it was to be held and sat discreetly nearby while people arrived and waited for him to arrive. Then surprised them by revealing he was there the whole time.