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Chris McKeever is an improvisor from New York City. He is a member of Postfontaine. He is a former member of the University of Delaware's premire improv group, The Rubber Chickens, and he is a founder of the Delaware Improv and Sketch Comedy O'Festival or DISCO. He is also the Associate Producer of Baby Wants Candy.

Chris has studied with Kevin Hines, Shannon O'Neill, Curtis Gwinn, Silvija Ozols, Zach Woods, and Armando Diaz. He has also been influenced greatly by the coaching of Joe Wengert and Gavin Speiller.

Propensity to Sound Like the Beastie Boys

In the popular warm up game Beastie Boys Rap, Chris is unfuckwithable. Not only does his rapping voice sound exactly like the perfect amalgam of Mike D, Adrock, and MCA, but not even the word "orange" could trip him up in a round of Beastie Boys Rap.