Chris Kula

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Chris Kula has been performing sketch and improv at the UCB Theatre since 2001. He moved to Los Angeles in 2007 to write for MADtv. Previous writing credits include the Onion News Network, NPR, the Improv Everywhere NBC pilot, and FUSE-TV. Kula has improvised on the UCBTLA stage with the Harold team Powerwalkers and in ASSSSCAT. He is currently on the veteran improv team The Smokes. He is a drummer and a graduate of the University of Michigan.

Kula fucking loves chicken wings, as well as soup and salad meals.

Deep Voice

Just like Rick Astley, Kula is thin with red hair, fair skin but also a strikingly deep voice. As he came up through UCBT classes, he had to practice his stage voice so that it didn't merely drop into the lower registers, words indiscernible from the back rows. In New York, he was the go-to announcer voice for many a sketch show and video piece.

Hometown: Grand Rapids, MI