Chris DiAngelo

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Chris DiAngelo is Co-Owner and Artistic Director of Go Comedy! Improv Theater in Metro Detroit. He has been improvising for nearly 20 years.


Chris is the Artistic Director and one of the Co-Owners of Go Comedy! Improv Theater. He has been doing improv for nearly 20 years and his training encompasses many of the different improv schools including The Second City, the Annoyance Theatre, IO Theater and Improv Inferno.

He brings a passion to teaching that is inspiring to his students and his love of improv is contagious. He is a member of the Screen Actors Guild and has been in a few films over the last couple of years. Along with Pj Jacokes, Chris starred in ‘Party Animals,’ a television pilot that finished second in the F/X network’s national pilot contest and, along with The Mighty They, recently filmed the pilot for an improv-based reality TV show.