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== Improv Teams ==  
== Improv Teams ==  
* [[Camp Dave]]
* [[Old Creepy]]  
* [[Old Creepy]]  
* [[Dog Scarf]]  
* [[Dog Scarf]]  
* [[Chet Watkins]]
* [[Chet Watkins]]
* [[8 Weeks to Live]]
* [[Fiefdom]]
* [[Fiefdom]]
* [[Jerk Squad]]  
* [[Jerk Squad]]  

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Chris Camp is a New York City improv and sketch comedian based out of the Magnet Theater. He is originally from Burnt Hills, NY.


Chris started improvising in 2003 as a member of the Marist College HuMarists. Upon moving to New York City in 2005, he started studying at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater. While there performed in numerous shows including "The Buccaneer", "The Movie" and most notably alongside the independent team "Fiefdom".

After years of rejection and heartache, in 2008, Chris traveled north a few blocks and began studying at the Magnet Theater under highly regarded improv and sketch visionary, Armando Diaz. It was there Chris honed his ability to aggressively flop around the stage, yell and produce prolonged awkward silences. He was a member of the long running house team Chet Watkins (2009-2014) and currently plays in Megawatt with Dog Scarf

Chris once ran a marathon in under 3 hours, programmed web applications for Law Enforcement and Homeland Security agencies and rapped live on stage with Naughty by Nature.

Improv Teams


Chris has appeared in the following shows...

Improv Festival Appearances

Chicago Improv Festival, Boston Improv Festival, Providence Improv Festival, Queens Fringe Festival, Skidmore National College Comedy Festival, Del Close Marathon, Baltimore Improv Festival


Upright Citizens Brigade (2005-2008)

Magnet Theater (2007-2014)


  • Chris Camp ran the 2009 NYC Marathon in 2 hours and 58 minutes.
  • 1999 NY State High School Cross Country Champion with the Burnt Hills Spartans.
  • 1995 Regional Donkey Kong Country Blockbuster Video Champion
  • Lead Guitarist for two disbanded punk rock bands, Subpar (SxPx) and Los Laundros.
  • Chris, at one point, was a professional software engineer for SRA International. Developing Investigative software for law enforcement agencies across the country and abroad. The most notable of these agencies being the NYPD. Many of his improv scenes revolve around angry detectives yelling at their anit-terrorism software.
  • Chris reached his peak in fame in 2001 when he free styled on stage with Naughty by Nature.
  • Chris once appeared on the Emril Live Show in November of 2006. He ate cake, rabbit and drank a lot of wine.
  • Chris has a extremely nerdy tattoo (The Triforce)
  • In 2014, Chris appeared on "Duck Quacks Don't Echo" on NatGeo with his girlfriend and a girl in a bikini named Nicoletta.


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