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Chinese Menu Comedy is an Indie venture in Washington DC. The spirit of the show is about bringing high level players together. Their monthly show has sold out for 5 years and only the best get to play in these mash up shows. The show is done in three acts. 12 players are broken in to two teams. Each team settles on a get and does a 20 minute set. Then at the end, all 12 players take the stage as one ensemble for the final 25 minutes. The shows are cast primarily with the best players from Washington Improv Theater and Baltimore Improv Group but the mash up format has such guests as (from UCB) Will Hines, Anthony Atamanuik, Alan Starzinski, Ari Voukydis, John Timothy, (from Annoyance Theatre) Megan Johns, (from PHIT) Kristen Schier and Amie Roe, (Cook County Social Club) Mark Raterman, (IO Chicago) Katie Klein and Neil Jacobsen, and even Lloydie from the UK. Chinese Menu has brought many of the above mentioned people to town to teach workshops. Pete Bergen is the founder and director at Chinese Menu. He has trained at WIT and was accepted to advanced study at UCB. He is an alumni of Bright Young Things which was founded and directed by Sir Shawn Westfall and also had Brett Mannes, Tim Martin, Joe Randazzo, Rachel Showalter and Andy Hush. He also played with festival darlings The Score DC that went to DCM 3 times, NCCAF, New York Improv Festival, Philly Improv Festival, Baltimore Improv Festival, NCCAF and Dostrict Improv Festival. He currently is playing with The Haddington Club.

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