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Chemically Imbalanced Comedy is a collection of Chicago based artists that focus on producing scripted and improvised work. On November 1st of 2007 they opened their own black box theater in Chicago: The Chemically Imbalanced Theater


Chemically Imbalanced Comedy is an 8 year old Theater Company in Chicago. Featuring Original Plays, Sketch Comedy, Improv, Stand Up, and Previously Produced Work all in the style of Comedy. On November 1st of 2007 they opened their own black box theater in Chicago: The Chemically Imbalanced Theater.

House Teams

Current House Teams performing at CIC as of September 2008


Members: Mike Devine, Jay Gish, Angie McMahon, Nathan Petts, Tom McMahon, Cynthia Shur


Members: Farrell Walsh, Sean Keith, Lina Bunte, Jill Fenstermaker, Elisabeth Geir, Tom McMahon


Members: Eric Bays, Ben Cannon, Lindsey Fisher, Lauren Hearter, Adam HIggins, Susie Kaster, Leslie Nesbit, Anthony Oderbeck, Freddie Sulit

Director: Ferrel Walsh

Counter-Productive Lover

Members: Bryan Beckwith, Kyle Bethea, Karisa Bruin, Anthony Ellison, Dan Gordon, Letitia Guillaud, Sean Keith, Scott Morehead, Peter Robards, Amy Speckien

Director: Jorin Garguillo


Members: Emily Harpe, Madeline Wager, Jo Scott, Kathryn Premo, Paul Whitehouse, Sammy Tamimi, Mark Vannier, Steve Konet, Jared Jeffries

Director: Mike Johnson


Festival (sponsored by CIC) featuring Improv, Sketch, Stand Up, Solo Performance, and Short Film that have been over looked by other Comedy Festivals.

"As part of our mission to create performance opportunities we initiated Snubfest, a new breed of comedy festival. In January 2008 the fourth annual Snubfest will continue to provide a venue for artists who have been rejected from other festivals. Sketch, improvisation and stand-up performers also have the chance to compete for performance slots in major comedy festivals throughout the country. Giving an entrance opportunity to up and coming artists who have talent but have not been able to connect with these larger institutions. This festival also empowers the performers to believe in their abilities and push forward to achieve their goals in comedy." (From Founder & Executive Producer Angie McMahon Source)

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Contact Info

  • Address: 1420 W Irving Park Rd Chicago, Il 60613
  • Box Office: 773-865-7731
  • Website: