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With itunes charging $1.29 for per song many people have started to look elsewhere for cheaper ways to download music, so what are the benefits and pitfalls of these alternative sites? Firstly, security of your pc, phone etc is paramount. A lot of sites offering free music have viruses embedded into the files and unless you have good antivirus software you often won’t realise you have a virus until it is too late. This can prove to be a costly and time consuming exercise to put right. For this very reason it is strongly recommended that you do not use sites such as frostwire, bearshare and the likes. Secondly, watch out for the quality of the music you download. For example, there is software/sites that allow you to rip the music from youtube videos, unfortunately this music will be of low quality and not sound so great on your mp3 player. When downloading music always look for the “bitrate” – this is a measure of the quality of the music, and the higher the better. Anything at 320 or higher is of cd quality and will sound perfect on your mp3 player. Thirdly, stay legal! Whilst it may seem obvious, downloading free music from popular artists is illegal. Royalties are payable to those artists and it has been well documented over the years how people have been fined huge sums of money for illegally downloading music. It may only happen to a small number of people but it is not worth the risk So, where to go from here? Well. There are some excellent cheaper alternatives to itunes. My particular favourite that I have been using for years without any problems is Iomoio . It is well established, has a huge library of music, all in high quality, an excellent download manager and is easy to use. At the time of writing, it has 200,000 albums from 64,000 artists and a total of over 2,000,000 songs! Current charts for USA, UK and Europe are listed to make selection of current music easier, remember, you don’t have to buy the whole album, you can buy just one single if you want to. All of the songs are recorded in high quality and will sound great on your mp3 player. Best of all though, each song only costs 16¢, an amazing bargain. What’s more, when you top up your account balance you always get a top up bonus of up to 100% of your deposit, making the cost per track only 8¢! So, it this legal? Yes, Iomoio is operated out of Russia, where they have a much lower rate of royalties, therefore the music can be sold cheaper. In fact, we are so convinced you are going to like Iomoio that we’ve struck a deal with them that you can download 2 songs for free with no other commitment, just to try them out. Use this link below to get your 2 free songs today!