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Cheap Kitty is an all lady long-form improv group from New York City.


The group met in September 2008 in an Improv 401 class taught by Joe Wengert. They developed as a group through the power of emailing and g-chatting - and since most of the members had 9 to 5 jobs - they overshared and became quick friends. Their warm-ups in class usually reflected things they had discussed in prior email threads and the class as a whole was unusually cohesive. They were part of a larger group called Bruddy.


Gina Gatto, Jocelyn Guest, Melissa Gomez, Mary Carroll Wininger, Heidi Metcalfe and Jessie Frith.


They are coached by the lovely Tricia McAlpin.


3/1/09: Nirvana. They performed with Snacktime , Mono y Mono and Froduce at The Creek.
3/7/09: Camouflage. They performed with Zuleyka, and The Karate Parade.
3/20/09:Pussy. They performed with The Mighty Joels, Sharpton!, and Reverse 5.
4/3/09: Presidential. They performed with Secret Promise Circle & ...For Richard Stands.
4/28/09: Wino. They performed with Taco Knight at their Pep Talk Show.
5/2/09: Fragrance. They performed with Sprinkles and Load.
5/13/09: Zoo. They performed with The Patsy Decline and The Mighty Joels.
5/15/09: Double Dare. They performed with Supercrab, Amnesia Wars, and Howdy Stranger.
6/10/09: Trailer. They performed with Boys Club for Men and Fat Penguin.
6/20/09: Raspberry. They performed with We Can't Live in a Cave, Robber Barron and Action Pals.
7/11/09: Elimination/Lemonade Stand. They performed with Howdy Stranger.


They got their name because the ASPCA was having a two for one deal on cat adoptions. Heidi only adopted one cat.

They used to meet up at the Olive Garden on 22nd St before practices but were usually too full/tired to pay attention during practice, so they stopped.