Cash Test Dummies

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Cash Test Dummies

Cash Test Dummies is a longform improv tournament established in June, 2010. The tournament is held at the Brick Theater in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY (575 Metropolitan Ave.) and is unaffliated with the large improv theaters and training centers in NYC. I

Due to it's format and cash prize for the winning team, it has attracted a large number of theater house teams as well as indie groups.


The format for season 1 was a 16-team single elimination tournament. In the early rounds, 6 teams peform in a night (3 contests) where the audience votes for the team they liked best after each contest.

For season 2 the 1st round was open to as many teams as wanted to enter. The audience now scored each performance on 4 criteria: Comedy, Performance, Teamwork and Overall Impression. The top 8 scoring teams at the end of the 1st round move on to the next round.

Half of all accumulated ticket sales go into a pot that grows after each show. At the end of the tournament's final round that pot is paid out to the winners: 98% to the 1st place team and 2% to the 2nd place team.

1st Tournament

The 1st tournament began in June 2010 and the winner was 'That Annoying Couple' (Shannon Coffey and Rob Michael Hugel) They won $967 in cash. The runner-up was 'Sunshine & O'Neal' (Mike Still, Brandon Gardner and Chelsea Clarke) They won $18 in cash.


The following teams were entered into the 1st tournament:

B.F.F. The Boss Casual Sex Offenders Dog Court Doppelganger Elsie Jay Hello Laser Mr. Gentleman Nannertubes Player Piano (Secret Man Group) Sunshine & O'Neal Supercrab Thank You, Robot That Annoying Couple The Trinity

2nd Tournament

The second season of Cash Test Dummies began in April 2011.