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Capitol goga was an all-female improv group that performed freeform longform, and was a branch of NYC's GOGA. The group also performed sketch and created video for their shows. Capitol goga was formed by Heather Fink in Washington, DC, originally open to all women in DC, but later turned into a student group at The George Washington University. The style of improv followed the direction of Karen Herr and NYC goga's organic freeform. Since Capitol goga catered to college audiences, they also incorporated shortform improv games into their shows.

Their first show was in December of 2001. Capitol goga also performed in the Del Close Marathon in July, 2002, and the DC Improv Festival in November, 2002.


Capitol goga's original members were Heather Fink, Alison Sheibelhut, Amy Marie Bucciferro, Meghan MacFarland, Becky Bartlein, Lindsey Ward, Jasmine Briggs, Natalie Apsell, Alexis Confer, Daniella Maria Sumerano, and Nicole Una.