Call The Corpse

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Premiered on 16 February 2012 in Bremen, Germany by die beiden (2 person show).


The show starts with one actor on stage playing a dead body. The other actor enters the stage, acknowledges the dead body and starts painting the room together with the audience. After a few minutes the telephone rings and someone calls. The answering machine picks up. The actor who has just painted the room goes offstage and starts to speak on the answering machine. The actor who has played the corpse takes over the phone call midsentence and continues to play the caller. Now a scene starts that can last from 2 to 15 minutes and can either be a simple 2-person scene, a short monoscene or a macroscene. The whole show is 'true to time'.

After that scene is done, we go back to the room. Now the actor who used to be the dead body at the beginning continues painting the room. Then another caller and another scene (2-person, mono or macro). Everytime we revisit the room the 'room painter' should go into details based on previous room descriptions. It is also good to include traces of human life. These descriptions offer inspiration for subsequent scenes.

It seems important to us to give the feeling of coherence and not let a call and the subsequent scene be totally random. The description of the room informs the character of the dead person in the room. The character of the dead person determines possible characters that would call this person as well as reasons for their call.