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CakeFace was a character played by Eddie Dunn in the UCBW. He was a vengeful baker whose face was covered in cake. Some people thought he was made of cake.

Physical Appearance

CakeFace wore white pants and a white apron but was otherwise shirtless. His name was tattooed on his back and sometimes changed in appearance from bout to bout. He sort of talked like Frankenstein.


Only his back could be seen as he chanted in his slow, somewhat monstrous baritone: "Five eggs, two cups of sugar, one cup of flour..." Then he would smash his face into a cake and turn around to reveal himself in his CakeFace glory.


CakeFace has a son, Cupcake, played by Gavin Speiller, and an unmarried brother, Fruitcake, played by John Flynn. In December of 2007 the trio put out a Christmas-themed album, I'll Be Home for CakeFace. The commercial can be seen here:

UCBW History

CakeFace was a very physically adept wrestler who would perform some of the more spectacular moves at the UCBW. He won the heavyweight belt at ReVengeance on June 17, 2007.