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The CHOMPetition is a competitive improv tournament at Identity Lounge.

Starting in September of each year, Queen of Sharks hosts the largest improv bracket tournament ever attempted. Thirty-two teams started performing one-on-one single-elimination, and in June of each year, one team will be named the victor. It is hosted by Queen of Sharks and voting results and statistics can be tracked on their website


The CHOMPetition started from the Queen of Shark's Triple Threat show at Rififi. Also competative, at Rififi the winning team would come back the following week. After Really Good Doctors won Triple Threat ten weeks in a row, a new format was developed. The intention was to produce a ridiculously large tournament that would take the better part of a year to complete, so thirty-two teams were invited making the entire single-illimination bracket tournament a thirty-one week long event plus holiday specials and all-star games.


Knifestorm was the only team ever to beat Really Good Doctors at Triple Threat.


  1. Each team will be given 18-22 minutes to perform. The show will be called in the best interest of the piece.
  2. Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated. Performers and audience members whom are unable to behave appropriately will be removed from the theater and/or the tournament.
  3. Each member of the audience will receive ONE ballot as they enter the theater. Lost ballots will not be replaced.
  4. The host will tally the ballots. The decision of the host is final.
  5. In the event of a tie both teams will be declared CHOMPions.
  6. Ultimately, the audience decides who wins and there is nothing wrong with stacking the house in your team favor.
  7. QoS has the final decision on all rules.
  8. Rules are subject to change.
  9. Fabulosity of prizes is subject to change.


CHOMPetition 2009: Phil & I defeated Sharktank in the final round.


CHOMPetition 2009