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Will Hines and Kevin Hines are brothers. They are also improvisers. They currently perform a mostly weekly show at the UCB East every Wednesday at 9pm.


Kevin and Will first performed as a duo at Variety Underground in January 2004. Rogue Elephant also debuted at that same show. They performed at various independent improv shows.

There is a third Hines brother, Brian who does not perform improv. Neil Casey once asked to perform as Brian in a special Brothers Hines show. Neil booked the act into UCBT's School Night and then forgot to show up. Kevin and Will did one of their more successful sets that night.

The Brothers Hines entered UCBT Cagematch in August 2007, defeating C,C & C Improv Factory and Happy Kid before losing to Chubby Chaser. In the Cagematch finals that year, they defeated Omlette Vision before losing to Reuben Williams.

Kevin and Will used the alloted time-out to show the audience adorable photos of themselves as children to win their sympathy.