Bridget Fitzgerald

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Bridget Fitzgerald performs with the improv groups Fat Penguin, Suck my dick, and the newly formed Uncle Tarzan as well as performing in UCBW as The Lunch Lady. Bridget has studied improv under Shannon O'Neill, Neil Casey, Billy Merritt, Joe Wengert, Charlie Todd, Anthony King, Michael Delaney, Jeff Hiller, Lennon Parham and Zach Woods. She is a proud member of AFTRA.

Current Teams

Fat Penguin, Suck my dick, Uncle Tarzan, UCBW, Castlemania!

Past Shows

It's The Del Close Marathon, Charlie Brown, The Chrononauts, Gonzo: Based On The Words Of Hunter S. Thompson, The Time Capsule, Planet Of People, The Flaming Mo, Casino

Musical career

Bridget writes and performs music as part of The Bridgets Fitzgerald. The other band member is also named Bridget Fitzgerald. They had a release party for their debut album, Squirrel, at School Night on March 10, 2010.[1]


  • Bridget is roughly 10 feet tall and is also the nicest person in the world.
  • Bridget is half Peruvian and half Irish.
  • Bridget's IRC name, Bridgemix, was given to her on a children's theater tour - and she really does love the candy with the same name (because of its variety) & gets excited when she sees it in a Duane Reade. She is probably the youngest person to buy bridge mix in the city because it's old lady candy.