Bridget Fitzgerald

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Bridget Fitzgerald is an actor and improviser based in New York City. She is a proud member of AFTRA and can be heard in a couple New York Lottery commercials. She can be seen performing with the improv group Fat Penguin and in UCBW Cagematch as The Lunch Lady. She is currently in The Time Capsule. Bridget has studied improv under Shannon O'Neill, Neil Casey, Billy Merritt, Joe Wengert, Charlie Todd, Anthony King, Michael Delaney, Jeff Hiller, Lennon Parham and Zach Woods.


Bridget is a founding member of Fat Penguin and Castlemania!.


  • Bridget is roughly 10 feet tall and is also the nicest person in the world.
  • Bridget wants an awesome nickname.
  • Bridget is half Peruvian.