Brian Schell

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Brian Schell, aka Joe Brian, is an improviser and actor who performs regularly in New York City.

He is a member of the improv group Queen of Sharks. Queen of Sharks performs most Saturdays at Chompetition. He has also improved with Whitney Meers as part of the twoprov team S&M

Brian is a former member of Sporknotes and the PIT house team Halfbear.

Brian started doing short form improv and stand up on Long Island at the Brokerage Comedy Club. He then moved on to studying and performing improv, writing, and sketch at the People's Improv Theater. He has studied under Kevin Allison, Michael Showalter, Jen Nails, Kurt Braunohler, Pay Shay, Scott Eckert, Rebekka Johnson, Ali Farahnakian, Pat Shepard, Sarah Nowak, Nate Starkey, Geoff Grimwood, Jess Allen, Rachel Hamilton, J Hobart B and Mark Grenier.

Brian has a BA in Film Production from Hofstra University. He currently lives on Long Island.