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Brett Tribe is an actor, director, playwright, sketch writer/performer, and improviser currently residing in Austin, TX.

Brett began performing short-form improv at Binghamton University with The Pappy Parker Players. After graduation, he went on to write sketch with Aaron Gold as Team Boomsplosion!. In the summer of 2009, Brett moved to Austin, Texas where he quickly began taking classes at ColdTowne Theatre. While still in Level 1, Brett joined the Cagematch troupe Achatina! Achatina! who went on to win the tournament. They enjoyed playing together so much that they continued as a troupe for another year and a half. Brett was then chosen for the Coldtowne student troupe Secret Senate who played together for a year. Around the same time he joined Bad Boys who also went on to win a Cagematch tournament. Bad Boys are still performing regularly. While still students, his Level 4 class formed Bless This Mess. Guess what? They won a Cagematch.

At a Merlinworks Mixer, Brett auditioned for a team that would be formed to open for acts at Salvage Vanguard Theater. He was chosen, and the The Intentions debuted in September of 2010 and continue to perform. A few months later Improv Royale began performing, combining the worlds of pro-wresting and improv. More recently, Brett founded the two person team Best Friends Club of Austin.[[

Other troupes Brett has performed in include Hell Is Other Celebrities, The Masters Debate, Live Nude Improv and more.

Brett is a cast member of Coldtowne Mainstage Sketch, a weekly sketch show that creates a full event every 2 months or so. He also writes and performs with sketch group Cats and Other Things and the science fiction/comedy webseries Redshirts.

Recently Brett appeared in the 8 week run of Live Nude Improv, an experimental blend of improv, audience participation, and theatre performance.