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*Coached by [[Morgan Phillips]], [[Emma Noble]], [[Lily Du]], and [[Tarik Davis]].
*Coached by [[Morgan Phillips]], [[Emma Noble]], [[Lily Du]], and [[Tarik Davis]].
*Workshops with [[John Frusciante]], [[Erik Tanouye]], [[Billy Merrit]], and [[Brandon Gardner]].
*Workshops with [[John Frusciante]], [[Erik Tanouye]], [[Billy Merrit]], [[Brandon Gardner]], [[Cathyrn Mudon]], [[Alex French]], [[Anthony Apruzzese]], and [[Don Fanelli]]

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Brendan Goggins is a comedian, writer, and actor based out of New York City. He began studying improv and comedy at UCB in 2013 and he performs improv (long-form and musical), sketch, and stand-up.

Current Troupe

Brendan is currently a member of Manhattan College's improv troupe Scatterbomb and is a founding member of the sketch group YourVCR