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[[Bangs]], [[Law Firm]], [[Fucking Kennedys]], [[DeCoster]], [[Ragnarock]], [[Iron Ruckus]]
[[Bangs]], [[The Law Firm]], [[The Fucking Kennedys]], [[DeCoster]], [[Ragnarock]], [[Iron Ruckus]]

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Brandon Gardner is an improviser, writer and teacher at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater in New York. He is a member of the Harold team Bastian and the UCB TourCo. He was an original writer/performer on the UCB Maude teams iBadger and mixtape'98 and currently writes for Stone Cold Fox. In addition to his activities at UCB, Brandon is also a performer and teaching artist with the Striking Viking Story Pirates, a multi-media children's education group.

Brandon is originally from the very small town of Saranac Lake, NY and graduated from Binghamton University with a BA in Theater. Brandon was a member of BU's comedy group the Pappy Parker Players from 2001 to 2005, and president of the group for three of those years. He liked improv so much he switched his major from pre-law to theater as the closest thing to studying improv. While in the "Pappys" Brandon was introduced to the UCB by attending a workshop taught by Brian Huskey of the UCB TourCo at Skidmore's 2005 National College Comedy Festival. He liked the workshop so much that he came to New York City a week after graduation with the sole intention of taking classes at the UCB and getting to perform there. He didn't have a plan for what to do after that and he's still working on finding one. In addition to performing with Bastian and TourCo, Brandon can be seen performing with Clements and Gardner,Classic Masculinity, and the 2008 UCB 3 on 3 Improv Tournament Finalists The Greatest Actor in All of France. He also clearly likes going around and editing the entries on this site that involve himself, a trait that Brandon openly admitted to on the Improv Resource Center. Brandon Gardner: a story of improv and self-obsession.

Teams Coached

The Scam, LOAD, Zuleyka, Thank You, Robot and many others

Coaching Reviews

Teams SUB-Coached

Bangs, The Law Firm, The Fucking Kennedys, DeCoster, Ragnarock, Iron Ruckus


Favorite Harold Team Ever: The Shoves

Favorite UCB Shows Ever: 1,000 Cats, We Used to Go Out (Tie)