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Brady O'Callahan is an improviser in New York City. He is a Cleveland, Ohio, native and a graduate of The Ohio State University. He is a member of the UCB Harold Team Mermaids and indie group Warren.

He is probably most notable on the improv wiki for updating Harold Night Rosters (New York) and his own profile, of which he is supremely embarrassed but will likely continue to do.

Brady is a music glutton. He would love to talk to you about music. All of it.


Brady began improvising as a sophomore in college with The 8th Floor Improv Comedy Group at Ohio State. It was with 8th Floor that he, and many of his friends in the group, developed a love for improvising. Through this group, Brady was exposed to improv from dozens of colleges and professionals from iO Chicago, iO West, the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, and more.

As a member of 8th Floor, Brady performed with Bosh Flimshaw! and The Colony. He became the Executive Director in his senior year.

He performed at the Del Close Marathon and USC's Fracas Improv Festival.

Brady helped develop 8th Floor Improv's Bellwether Improv Festival (he also coined the name) [1] in his senior year.

New York City

After graduating from school, Brady moved out to New York City in July 2010. He began taking classes with the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre almost immediately.

Brady studied under Chelsea Clarke, Brandon Gardner, Gavin Speiller, Kevin Hines, Michael Delaney, Chris Gethard, Lydia Hensler, Dyna Moe, and Abra Tabak.

After 401, Brady became a founding member of indie group Warren, every member of which was in the aforementioned 401.

Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre

In May 2013, Brady was placed onto a brand new Lloyd Team, Apollo.

In May 2014, Apollo was promoted to Harold Night.

Brady played on Harold Night with Slamball, Brightlight, Mermaids, and Captain.

Associated Teams

- Captain

- Mermaids

- Brightlight

- Slamball

- Apollo

- Warren

- Galahad

- Marquee

- Pop Fly!

- Sound Machine

- The 8th Floor Improv Comedy Group


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