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Boy Butter is Alexis Pereira, Ellena Chmielewski, David Sidorov, Riley Soloner, Aaron Jackson, Rudel Behrens and Meseret Haddis

Former Member: Emmanuel Galvan

BB is represented as the following:

Alexis Pereira: Spanish Ray Romano

Ellena Chmielewski: "Audrey Horne" from Twin Peaks

David Sidorov: Jerry Seinfeld

Riley Soloner: Tilda Swinton

Aaron Jackson: Sigourney Weaver

Meseret Haddis: Eddie Murphy

Rudy Behrens: Owen Wilson

Coach Tim: Morgan Freeman


The group was formed out of a Kevin Hines 401 in the fall of 2009.

Boy Butter is named after the sexual lubricant of the same name. While walking down a street in Chelsea, Rudy and Aaron saw a display for Boy Butter in a shop window. After mentioning this to the group they became Boy Butter. Shortly after going public with the team name, Eyal Feldman, the CEO of Boy Butter (the lube, not the group) contacted Alex via Facebook. Eyal, being totally cool with an improv group naming themselves after his product, donated a box of Boy Butter samples to the team. At indie shows, Boy Butter handed out these samples to the audience member who gave the suggestion at the top of their set. They have since run out.

Riley Soloner was recruited from a Chelsea Clarke 501 class that Meseret, Alex and Aaron were taking. Riley first sat in with Boy Butter at their first Gentrify Brooklyn show. He got the black out line, "Well then I'll just have to rape you against your will."

When Emmanuel left the group, Ellena was added. She practiced with BB as a test run. She joined the group after that same practice with no deliberation.

Alex use to come to practice with an ABA colored head band when his hair was long. This was not a bit.


  • Boy Butter practiced for a few months in the classrooms in the Dramatic Writing Department at NYU's Tisch School of the Arts.
  • Matt Moses was their first coach. He noted their monoscenes by saying "Weird. I like it. Do it again."
  • Boy Butter has never done monologues as an opening, ever. Even in practice.
  • Boy Butter is coached by Tim Martin and will continue to be coached by him until they bury him.
  • Boy Butter is the only known improv team to successfully play the warm-up game ba da da in 3/4 time.

Indie Shows

BB has done a few notable shows like Jump on Three's Secret Show and Improv Nerds where Kevin Hines sat in with them. Kevin Hines, after performing with BB, begged to join the group. He was denied on the grounds that his request came off as desperate.

Their most notable show was their win at UCB's Cagematch against weekend team The Curfew.

The Mars Volta

The Mars Volta form was created by Tim Martin. It is a frankenstein version of the Movie form where the focus is on genre/theme. They do a Krompf style opening leading into 3 scenes where there are walk ons. From that point on, anything goes.

The form was named after the band The Mars Volta, but a more correct term for the form would be The Anti-Mars Volta.


Meseret and Aaron did a scene where Meseret told Aaron's character not to look behind him. Aaron then immediately tried to turn around, but was restricted by Meseret. After eventually breaking free he screamed "That's my kid hanging from that tree!"

A scene was initiated where someone was flicking coins into a fountain and Alex entered and began flailing on the ground saying "Whoa! Hey! Stop that! Whoa!"

Aaron and Alex were a couple at a restaurant and Meseret was their waiter. Meseret took Aaron's order and began to walk away when Alex said "And I'll have." Meseret broke, but walked back to take Alex's order. Alex said "I want a steak." Meseret replied "OK. How would you like that cooked." Alex retorted "At six hundred degrees. Celsius" Tears were leaving Meseret's eye he laughed so hard. The scene didn't make it past that point.

In a group scene a bunch of women were gathering to have a baby shower for all of their baby's that had died. Someone received a baby coffin as a gift which at that point Riley said "You could punch a hole in that baby coffin and use it as a piggy bank."

The Term "Alex'd"

The phrase Alex'd was coined by BB as a description the heralded persona of improviser Alexis L. Pereira. One example is when Ellena initiates a scene by looking through binoculars at the sky and says "There are so many birds". Alex would respond by saying "Who's winning?"

Another example is the service person (deli clerk, plumber, waiter, etc) who refuses to do what they are being paid to do.

This persona is not bound to the stage either. Alex will often do things called "Anti-bits" where it's almost impossible to figure out if he is joking or not.