Boy Butter

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  • David Sidorov as Jerry Seinfeld
  • Coach Tim as Morgan Freeman

Former Members: Emmanuel Galvan as Himself


The group was formed out of a Kevin Hines 401 in the fall of 2009.

Boy Butter is named after the sexual lubricant of the same name. While walking down a street in Chelsea, Rudy and Aaron saw a display for Boy Butter in a shop window. After mentioning this to the group they became Boy Butter. Shortly after going public with the team name, Eyal Feldman, the CEO of Boy Butter (the lube, not the group) contacted Alex via Facebook. Eyal, being totally cool with an improv group naming themselves after his product, donated a box of Boy Butter samples to the team. At indie shows, Boy Butter handed out these samples to the audience member who gave the suggestion at the top of their set. They have since run out.

Riley Soloner was recruited from a Chelsea Clarke 501 class that Meseret, Alex and Aaron were taking. Riley first sat in with Boy Butter at their first Gentrify Brooklyn show. He got the black out line, "Well then I'll just have to rape you against your will."

When Emmanuel left the group, Ellena was added. She sat in with one practice before being asked to join later that night.


  • Boy Butter practiced for a few months in the classrooms in the Dramatic Writing Department at NYU's Tisch School of the Arts.
  • Boy Butter is coached by Tim Martin and will continue to be coached by him until they bury him.
  • Boy Butter is the only known improv team to successfully play the warm-up game Ba Da Da in 3/4 time.
  • Despite his outward hatred of Boy Butter, John Zachary Townsend is one of their biggest fans. He often gives the group notes after a show. His main note is "stop sucking".

Indie Shows

Boy Butter has done a few notable shows like Jump on Three's Secret Show, which took place in a boxing ring. As a result, David's pants were ripped, Riley's hip was bruised, Alex's back was thrown out, and Rudy's nose was possibly broken. After their set, Sandino challenged Boy Butter to a push-up contest for Aaron Jackson, the match was fixed.

Another notable show was an Improv Nerds where Kevin Hines sat in with them.

Their most notable show was their win at UCB's Cage Match against weekend team The Curfew.