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Borealis was a House Team that performed in repertory at The Peoples Improv Theater from 2010 to 2014. They held a primetime Friday-night slot at the theatre (alongside Tuscarora Fire Company Picnic and later C. Monster), and during this run were of the most influential, praised teams at the theatre.


Borealis performed their first show at The PIT on January 27th, 2010. Their last show came on January 17, 2014. In 2011, they were nominated at the INNYs for both Most Innovative Show or Group and Best Video Promo.

Team style

Borealis played a free-flowing, organic brand of improv. Instead of soliciting a verbal suggestion, the team used music to inspire a sound and movement Organic opening. The technician would scroll through a series of randomly generated songs, and an audience member was asked to choose one. The team would then begin, as a full ensemble, a silent series of "scene-lets" portrayed through pantomime and physical acting. One scenelet would bleed into another after only a few moments, and after the team felt they had collected enough material, one improviser would initiate the beginning of their formal set by beginning to speak within the current (and final) scenelet. Many of these mini-scenarios would then be revisited and fleshed out later on in the set. An example from one of their shows included a Lamaze class full of mothers lovingly bobbing their children in their arms transforming into a group of jugglers.

The team also frequently made use of organic, transformation edits. An element of the scene (like a character's posture, dialogue, or action) would somehow be physical transformed and molded into a new scene. An example from a 2012 show was a character's tear drops in an initial scene being blown up into a thunderstorm in the following scene. An additional way to describe their editing style is to say the team was known for "zooming into" things from initial scenes (e.g. people's minds) and beginning new scenes from these abstract transitions.

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