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Bobby Moynihan is a long time improvisor in New York City, and a current featured cast member on Saturday Night Live.

Bobby is a graduate of the B.F.A. Acting program at the University of Connecticut. He has been seen in such shows as Secret Slut, Tick. Tick. Tick., Sith in the City, Wake up with Buff Trumuscle, Sketch Cram, The Dogs of St. Christopher, Real Real World, Five Dudes, Asssscat and Showgirls at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre. Bobby is a proud member of the UCB house team The Stepfathers. Bobby was also a member of the Harold teams The Shoves and Police Chief Rumble. PCR won the 2003 ECNY award for best sketch group, for their work on A Piece of Bullshit Pie. Bobby was also a co-founder of the sketch group Buffoons with Charlie Sanders and Eugene Cordero. Bobby is also a writer and performer for the UCB Touring Company. Bobby can be seen on any computer at in the short films, Bro Rape (by Derrick) and Other Music by (Human Giant). Bobby has also been seen on VH1's Heartbreakers Hall of Shame, I Love the 30's and I Love the Middle Ages for Comedy Central Motherload, Law and Order: SVU and as the voice of Rabbit on Fuse's Empire Square. Bobby has been seen on Late Night with Conan O'Brien. Bobby also recently had a blast touring with Horatio Sanz' Kings of Improv Tour. Word. Bobby also taught at the UCB Training center, and coached many teams. He is rumored to be the nicest guy around.

Hometown: Eastchester, NY