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Blush is a UCB Lloyd Team created in Spring 2016 with the starter name PIGEON. Its current roster consists of Sara Feinstein, Jack Gallagher, Ian Herrin, Jaime Lutz, Nicole Pasquale, Kate Sisk, Benjamin Stanton, and Maggie Widdoes. Their biggest note is that they are too good at game. Blush has a famous and very real improv rivalry with the Lloyd team Steakhouse.


Blush was nearly called "Touch" and "trashcum." Maggie also famously suggested the name "Damn Daniel" with the entry music "Gangnam Style." She was vetoed.

Blush is famous for their deep emotional inner lives and team meeting where everyone constantly says, "sorry."

Entrance music: "Scream and Shout," by Exit music: "True," by Spandau Ballet, which they decided on after a taxi driver idled up near them and played the entirety of the song while making direct eye contact with every member of the team.

They are one of two teams to have made it to the Cagematch playoffs without having won a Cagematch set, due to their high vote total and long runs by several other teams that year. They did a Spokane both times.

The last suggestion of their last Lloyd show was "Steakhouse."

At one of their first practices, Shaun Diston told the group their problem was that they were TOO good at game.


"Young Hollywood," or "#younghollywood."

"Back at it again."

"Damn Daniel"