Blind Line

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Blind Line is a shortform game. It is popular in ComedySportz matches.


Blind Line is a scenic justification game, typically played with 2-5 players. All improvisers are asked to leave the room, and the ref then solicits lines of dialogue from the audience. These are typically song lyrics, famous quotes from tv or movies, advice you've given or received, or more. These lines are written onto small slips of paper and scattered about the floor. The improvisers reenter and begin a scene, periodically picking up one of these slips of paper, reading the dialogue, and then justifying.


  • Musical version. Each slip of paper contains the title of a song, or lines must be used as lyrics. The Impromptones employ the later variation on track 8 of their album Steamy Monday.
  • Stipulating that the first line of the scene be read from a slip of paper.

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