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The Beginnings...

In early 1989, a series of workshops taught by Robert Lowe at GA Tech's DramaTech Theatre lead to the founding of the improvisational comedy troupe Let's Try This! For the next 15 years, the troupe continued on in relative isolation from the the improv world beyond. Then in 2004, LTT!'s elected Production Manager, Jeff Rick, spearheaded a campaign to go to the Dirty South Improv Festival in North Carolina. The troupe was inspired on many levels by the new ideas the festival exposed them to. In May of 2004, Matthew Falkenberg was elected the new Production Manager. He was so inspired by DSIF that he wanted to start an improv festival at Georgia Tech. After winning the support of LTT! and DramaTech, Matthew contacted Zach Ward, the founder and Executive Producer of DSIF. Zach became a much needed source of guidance as the festival took shape. Finally after much planning and hard work done by countless volunteers, the first annual Black Box Improv Festival took place in September of 2004. It is fondly known as the BBIF.

The Now...

2010 Black Box Comedy Festival in Atlanta…

SUBMISSIONS ARE OPEN The 2010 Black Box Comedy Festival in Atlanta, Ga, is now seeking submissions from performance groups, instructors and scholarship applicants.

There will be a submission fee for performance groups submitting after April 2010... so submit now! If you are interested in teaching at BBCF 2010, don't be shy. We are always on the look out for new instructors so that we can continue keep our workshop selection plentiful and diverse.

If you are having financial hardship or just want to save some money, apply for our scholarship and potentially get to see shows and take workshops for free!

Jeff Wisard Associate Producer