Billy Merritt

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Billy Merritt

Billy Merritt is a performer and teacher at the UCBT. Billy has taught at the UCBT in New York and now teaches and performs at the UCBT in Los Angeles.

Billy is credited with popularizing organic openings in New York City through his work with Monkeydick. He is an influential teacher famous for spreading joy and a sense of fun amongst a student body that adores him.

Billy is credited with inventing a number of improv techniques and forms. Among them are:

  • The Ninja
  • The Documentary
  • The Hawk Edit
  • The Falcon Edit
  • The Blowdart Edit
  • The Squeaky Fart Edit
  • The Garfunkel
  • The Cube Edit

Billy also taught the monoscene, focusing on specific theatre styles including the Mamet, the Williams, and the Pinter. For example, the Mamet style was often indicated by an improvised cigarette; the Williams, by an improvised highball.

Billy is famous for his depiction of the Meriken Dream in a wrestling show he created called Piledriver. This was the first wrestling themed show at the UCB.

Billy is well known for playing samurai warriors and wily Cajuns.


Billy was a founding member of The Swarm. He also performed on the Stepfathers and with Michael Delaney in Omlette Vision. Billy also formed the 30s era improv group The Sunshine Gang. He performed on Harold Night in Los Angeles with the team Hey Uncle Gary for over a year. He now performs with The Smokes at UCB LA.


Billy Merritt likes sandwiches and ninjas.

Read Billy Merritt' Improv Party, Billy's journal on the Improv Resource Center.