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==Big Booty==
This is a silly but fun warm-up exercise.
This is a silly but fun warm-up exercise.

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This is a silly but fun warm-up exercise.

At its most basic, this is a call and response game. Players form a circle and designate someone as Big Booty. Big Booty will lead the game. Starting at Big Booty's right, everyone is assigned a number, counting up from 1. Big Booty begins the game by clapping a basic 4/4 rhythm and with a simple chant. (There are variations on the chant, and some are very complex. The one provided below is probably the most basic.)

Big booty, big booty,big booty, Uuuuuuuuh-huh.

And then Big Booty calls someone's number out.

Big Booty Number 3.

That player will respond by calling their own number out.

Number 3!

And then someone else's number.

Number 5!

That player responds by calling out their number and then someone else's.

Number 5! Number 2!

Number 2! Number 8!

This sets the pattern, as players call out numbers, responding when their numbers are called, and calling out new numbers or Big Booty himself. Rhythm is very important in this game; it doesn't matter what number you call out, as long as you keep it within the basic 4/4 time.

What if someone screws up?

If someone screws up in any way (fail to respond when their name is called, say a number that doesn't exist, glaringly drop the rhythm) then they will be sent to the left of Big Booty. Everyone changes their number appropriately. For example, if Number 3 screws up, he goes to Big Booty's left. Number 4 now takes his old spot and becomes the new #3, Number 5 becomes 4, 6 becomes 5, and so on. In this scenario, Numbers 1 and 2 do not change, because they didn't move in this shift. Big Booty remains Big Booty and starts the chant all over again. As more people shift positions, the more likely it is that someone will screw up.