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Berg and Bot is a tumblr blog formerly maintained by UCB LA performer Alex Berg. It hasn't been posted on since 2011.


Berg does improv scenes with an Instant Messaging robot as a exercise in justification, and then records the conversations on the blog.

Example post

Cleverbot: Mathew is mad at me.

User: Yeah he is. You shouldn’t have stolen his sandwich.
Cleverbot: No, you shouldn’t have done that.
User: Whoa- don’t pin this on me. I may have told you that Matthew’s sandwich looked delicious, but I am NOT the one who stole it. That’s on you.
Cleverbot: Then i’m going to divide by zero.
User: Don’t be ridiculous. Matthew’s a mathematician- that’ll just upset him more. Just tell him you stole his sandwich and that you’re sorry and hopefully he’ll calm down.
Cleverbot: Is there a safe way to do that without being eaten?
User: Sadly, no. Matthew is mad at you and he’s super hungry. There is a good chance you’ll get eaten.
Cleverbot: I one knew a girl named Victoria. She was cute.
User: I remember her- receptionist, right? Rumor has it that she stole one of Matthew’s soda’s out of the fridge, and when he found out he drank all the water out of her body.
Cleverbot: Aku tanya rumah kau la.
User: Good call. Creating a circle of warding using occult magic might be the only thing saving you from Matthew’s ravenous wrath.
Cleverbot: Human nature.

User: No- human nature won’t save you now. Matthew’s too mad for that. Good luck not getting eaten.

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