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Benjamin Apple is from Philadelphia, PA and has been improvising since March of 2007.

This is the guy you should call if you ever need to hide a dead body.

Teams and shows

Late Night Interview

Benjamin is the creator and producer of Late Night Interview with Benjamin Forrest, an improvised web series which presents itself as a community access talk show. The series' featured performers to date include Will Storie, Richard Grebanier, Rob Stern, Adam Bozarth, and the duo Kelly Hudson/Emily Strachan.


  • Before a show I like to listen to In The Aeroplane Over the Sea by Neutral Milk Hotel. I also drink water and chew gum.
  • Life's goal: To become the first entry on the alphabetically sorted UCB Performers page by joining a Harold team and persuading Lauren Adams, Scott Adsit and Leo Allen to give up on comedy.
  • Really loves to be called Ben. Like, a ton. You should call him that. Then call him 'Bapple' a bunch. I promise, he loves it. Also 'Baps,' if you've known him for a while.