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Bellwether Improv Festival (formerly Improvfest) is a collegiate improv festival which focuses mainly on long-form improv put on by The 8th Floor Improv Comedy Group from The Ohio State University--Columbus. In addition to the collegiate improv teams featured, professional acts are brought in from all over the country. Past acts include Brandon Gardner and Pudding-Thank-You. Bellwether Improv Festival II will be held April 1st and 2nd in Columbus, Ohio and will feature professional workshops from Upright Citizens Brigade Touring Company as well as Pudding-Thank-You.

Bellwether I

Was held on May 20th and 21st of 2010 and was held in Woody's Tavern in The Ohio Union. This was 8th Floor's first improv festival to not be named "Improvfest."

Performing College Troupes

Professional Troupes

Bellwether II

Will be held April 1-2 in The US Bank Conference Theatre in The Ohio Union (Columbus, OH). Bellwether II represents its first steps in expanding to feature the best collegiate long-form improv groups in the East/Midwest. Bellwether II will the first Bellwether to offer professional workshops to all teams that attend as well as a podcast.

Professional Troupes