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Beige was a New York City based Maude Team at The Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre. They performed monthly sketch shows at UCB's Maude Night. Their first show was January 30th, 2012. Their last show was October 13th, 2014. They were officially retired by the theater on October 28th, 2014.


See Also: Maude Night Rosters (New York).


Alison Bennett (shows 7-13), Jon Bershad (shows 1-32), Jess Dweck (shows 1-5), Ryan Hunter (shows 20-32), Alene Latimer (shows 7-29), Adam Levy (shows 5-6), Kristy Lopez-Bernal (shows 1-32), James McCarthy (shows 1-19), Kerry O'Brien (show 14-32), Zack Phillips (shows 1-28), Sarah Rainone (shows 1-4), Austin Rodrigues (shows 29-32).


Elyse Brandau (shows 29-32), Rob Cuthill (shows 30-32), Dan Hodapp (shows 1-32), Kelly Hudson (shows 1-28), Langan Kingsley (shows 1-32), Lisa Kleinman (shows 1-32), Jonathan Marballi (shows 1-31), Avery Monsen (shows 1-30).

Videos of Shows

- Show One

- Show Two: The Beige One-Month Anniversary Special

- Show Three: Looking to the Future

- Show Four: Beige by the Bell

- Show Five: Eat at Beige's

- Show Six: Beige, Beige Princess

- Show Seven: Adventure in the Sauna and More...!

- Show Eight: A Regular Show

- Show Nine: Cavemen Love Wheels

- Show Ten: I Startle So Easily!

- Show Eleven: Two Weddings, A Funeral, and Christmas

- Show Twelve: Little Tumor Machines

- Show Thirteen: Sexy Fun Sexy

- Show Fourteen: Boss Battle

- Show Fifteen: Right Before I Die

- Show Sixteen: That and a Nickel will Get You a Shoeshine

- Show Seventeen: Life is So Good!

- Show Eighteen: Scream of Joy

- Show Nineteen: Bad Boys

- Show Twenty: All Very Standard. All Very Chill.

- Show Twenty One: Beige from the Crypt

- Show Twenty Two: From Thanksgiving to Christmas

- Show Twenty Three: A Few Lousy Pictures

- Show Twenty Four: Beige Backstage

- Show Twenty Five: You Became Obsolete

- Show Twenty Six: Journalistic Integrity

- Show Twenty Seven: Beige and the Radioactive God Kings from the Future (Who Couldn’t Die)

- Show Twenty Eight: The First Move

- Show Twenty Nine: Great Moral Character

- Show Thirty: A Sick Timeslot

- Show Thirty One: When the Tortoise Dies

- Show Thirty Two: A Beige Murder Mystery


- Every Beige show at Maude Night except for two has been directed by Jim Santangeli. The shows he did not direct were the August 2012 show (a musical show directed by John Flynn) and the May 2014 show (directed by Laura Grey).

- In 2013, Beige performed a show that combined and connected some of the best sketches from their first year into a single piece. It was put together with the help of director Michael Delaney.

- Their starter name was ZISSOU.

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