Beastie Boys Rap

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This warm-up begins with the players standing in a circle. Player A starts by rapping a very simple line. It follows the unstress-stress pattern of any line from "Fight For Your Right To Party." For example:

  • Player A: LIVing at HOME is SUCH a DRAG.

Everyone responds with the Beastie Rap that follows the same pattern. Below is a simple version of this pattern (you may replace the consonants or make more complex variation, depending on your skill level with rapping):

  • Everyone: YAH buh-buh-BAH buh-BAH buh-BAH BAH!

Continuing on through the circle to Player A's right, each player comes up with a simple line that fits the rhythm and rhymes with Player A's original line. In between each line, the Beastie Rap is repeated.

  • Player B: I had to wash dishes so I used a dish rag.
  • Everyone: YAH buh-buh-BAH buh-BAH buh-BAH BAH!
  • Player C: Car And Driver Magazine is my favorite auto mag.
  • Everyone: YAH buh-buh-BAH buh-BAH buh-BAH BAH!
  • Player D: I went to the prom alone, I went stag!
  • Everyone: YAH buh-buh-BAH buh-BAH buh-BAH BAH!

The rap continues around the circle until it reaches A again. After A has gone twice, Player B begins a totally new rap with a totally new word to rhyme with. This keeps going until everyone has had a chance to start a new rhyme or until everyone is just done with this warm-up.

The important thing to note is that it doesn't matter if your line makes any sense with any line previously said. It also doesn't matter if someone repeats a rhyming word. All you have to do is rhyme and stay within the rhythm. It's better to rap nonsense than break the rhythm.

It's also fun to set up your line so that the rhyming word choice is clear, and then everyone can, in unison, join you in shouting the last word of you line.