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[[Category:Improv Groups]]
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[[Category:New York City]]
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Team History

Bangs is a New York City based Harold Team at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre. They made their debut on May 13, 2008. Members of Bangs previously performed on the Harold Teams Tantrum, Twelve Thousand Dollars, Fwand and Raynard.


Patrick Baer, Sean Clements, Craig Rowin, Jennifer Bartels, Tricia McAlpin, Mike Still, Chelsea Clarke, Amber Petty

Sean Clements was moved from The Fucking Kennedys to replace Fran Gillespie (who went on to The Law Firm) in September 2008.


  • Intro: "Return the Favour" by The Hives
  • Outro: "Inside Of Me" by Starlight Mints


  • Their starter name was Sensual Ha.