Bad Rap

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Bad Rap is a verbal warm up. It is also know as "Boom Shaka Laka." It is in certain ways the opposite of "Beastie Boys Rap."


A rhyming syllable is established by the first player. The second player then raps a sentence whose final word would obviously rhyme with that that syllable, but does not fill in the final rhyming word. The third player must fill it in with a word that does not rhyme. The third player then sets a up sentence to rhyme with their new word, and the fourth fills in with a new non-rhyming word.


To hear the rhythm of this exercise, see here - hover your cursor over the text "All" at the top left of the page to find a play button.

  • All: "Bad rap, bad rap, bad rap"
  • A: "I went to the store to buy a shirt."
  • All: "Bad rap, bad rap, bad rap"
  • B: "I got punched in the arm and it really..."
  • C: "...stunk!"
  • All: "Bad rap, bad rap, bad rap"
  • C: "I live in a monastery, I'm a..."
  • D: "...priest!"
  • All: "Bad rap, bad rap, bad rap"
  • D: "Come one, come all, for the Thanksgiving..."
  • E: "!"


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