Bad Luck Rising

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Bad Luck Rising, established in November of 2008, started off as frequenters of Improdome at The Peoples Improv Theatre sporting such team names as Swedish Fish & Chips and Yaypalm until one faithful evening when they decided to unite. The group has mostly been coached by Chris O'Neil, host of Improdome and New Team Lunacy.


Bad Luck Rising has performed predominately at the The Peoples Improv Theatre where we have hosted several shows over the 2008 summer. Most Bad Luck Rising hosted shows are more variety based than the usual improv shows, incorporating both sketch and stand up routines as well as traditional improv. We have also performed at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, Gotham City Improv, Parkside Lounge, The Red Room, The Pennsylvania Hotel, Under St. Mark's Theater and Laila Lounge among other locations. Bad Luck Rising also hosted their own monthly variety show at Hugs in Williamsburg over the summer.


Current Members: Kathryn Dunn, Michael "Fish" Fisher, Jake Hart, Adam Macy, Paul Wielunski

Former Members: Matt Fried, Shane McCormick, Frank Zemel