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Players in a circle. Everyone claps or slaps their thighs in rhythm. Player one says a word or short phrase to the player next to him/her. That player responds with whatever word/phrase he/she thinks of. The entire circle then says the first word, the second word and then says "Ba Da Da." The second player then repeats the process by saying a word/phrase to the third player.

  • "House"
  • "Boat"
  • Whole circle: "House boat ba da da."
  • "Mutual"
  • "Affection"
  • Whole circle: "Mutual Affection ba da da"

It's similar to a segment on the 1970s kids show The Electric Company where two silhouted heads faced each other -- the first would say the first half a word, the second the second and then they'd both say the whole word together.


Making simple choices in reaction to someone else's choice. To make specific choices.

It also embodies "Don't Think." The idea is to respond quickly and maintain the rhythm, and not "think" about whether your response makes sense, or is the best possible one.

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