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BBC2 is a PIT House Team that performs in repertory every Saturday night at 7pm at The Peoples Improv Theater. It was formed out of the members of the long-running ensemble Big Black Car.


Big Black Car was arguably the most highly-regarded ensemble at the PIT. As their run continued, however, their most successful members (Ellie Kemper, Kurt Braunohler, etc.) began moving to Los Angeles and needed to be replaced. This eventually led to an entirely new team, and, when veterans Ashley Ward and Nate Starkey decided to move, a decision was made to retire the Big Black Car name. The remaining members formed BBC2 and were moved to the 7pm hour on Saturday nights. Super Free Wednesday ensemble Gypsy Danger was promoted to a Saturday night slot, joining the Baldwins in the 8 pm hour.

Kevin Scott, formerly of Centralia, is a notable addition to their lineup.

The Ladies of the PIT opens for BBC2. Comprised of a rotating ensemble of skilled veteran performers, this show does not feature a fixed lineup.


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